$23 Million Energy Storage Research Center Launched In New York State

New York State is making an aggressive push to expand smart grid and renewable energy, and now a public-private project could combine the two through energy storage innovations.

New York’s Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST) and Dutch company DNV Kema have announced a $23 million joint investment to build the Battery and Energy Storage Technology (BEST) testing and commercialization center in Rochester, New York.

Construction has already begun on the BEST center in an abandoned section of the former Eastman Kodak business park, and when complete, it will boast 17,000 square feet of world-class testing and commercialization facilities designed to accelerate commercial deployment of energy storage technologies.

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Plane Powered by Solar Energy Completes Trek Across U.S.

Planes make trips across the U.S. all the time. Nothing too special, right? Except a solar-powered one just traveled cross-country for the first time.

The Solar Impulse, which is a solar-powered plane, traveled from San Francisco in early May to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. It finally landed at 11:09 p.m. last Saturday night.

What took the plane so long, you ask? It made stops in between San Francisco and New York in cities such as Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, Dulles, St. Louis and Cincinnati.

The Solar Impulse is equipped with about 11,000 solar cells on a pair of jumbo wings. It would fly from early morning to late at night, collecting sunlight for a completely fuel-free flight. The aircraft would reach 30,000 feet off the ground at a top speed of 45 mph.

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Walgreens to add over 200 solar panels to stores

Walgreens announced it will add more than 200 solar panels to stores in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. The store is working with Chicago-based solar developer SoCore Energy LLC on the renewable energy project.
Once complete, Walgreens will have more than 350 stores with solar installations, more than any other retailers in the country. Walgreens has approximately 8,100 stores across the the U.S.
SoCore Energy will own, operate and maintain the solar installations. The two companies first joined together in 2011 to install solar panels at 53 Ohio stores. The panels will generate an estimated 13.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually.
“SoCore is proud to be developing one of the most important and sizable distributed solar platforms ever constructed in the United States,” said Pete Kadens, SoCore’s president and CEO.

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