Eddie Bauer’s Power Katabatic Solar Tent Will Keep Your Gadgets Charged in the Wilderness

If there’s one place technophiles fear, it’s the great outdoors. But with this new solar charging tent by Eddie Bauer, gadget geeks will be able to charge their devices even in the depths of a forest. Called the Power Katabatic, this 92-inch tall tent was designed for “roughing it” though all four seasons within an ample 36-square-feet space. However, beyond its generous quarters, the real star of the Power Katabatic is the small triangular solar panel, called Goal Zero solar charger, which sits atop the tent, drawing in energy for powering devices.

Details on the solar power system are still sparse as Eddie Bauer just released photos of the tent-mounted solar panel. What we do know is that sun-derived electricity is stored in a battery pack that you can plug in to recharge all your iPhones, cameras, and GPS devices.

This whole setup does however cost a pretty penny—between the $600 tent (without the solar panel unit) and a Goal Zero Sherpa 50 power pack for $200, you’re already looking at spending nearly $800 before you even account for the still unannounced price of the solar charger.

Written by Kevin Lee. To read the full article, click here.


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