The Power of Solar Power: New Article on Off The Grid News Discusses the Basics of Solar Power

As energy bills keep rising, alternative energy continues to be a hot topic among Americans. Solar energy in particular continues to gain support from everyone from the government wanting viable clean energy to citizens who dislike wind farms because of eyesores and damage to bird populations. Even so, making the switch to solar energy is a major decision and many unfamiliar with the specifics of the technology have questions about how it works and how much it costs. A new article on Off The Grid News, Top 10 Questions About Solar Energy, addresses the most common concerns in language accessible to even those most unfamiliar with solar energy.

The article describes the most common solar power arrays, such as solar photovoltaic panels and building-integrated photovoltaics, and how they work. Though both methods are effective, the author remarks that solar panels are probably the better option for most as “Unfortunately, [building-integrated photovoltaic] technology is still largely in its nascent stages, and at the present time it is probably too expensive to be a practical option… [and] only have about a 1 percent market share as of now, and until greater economies of scale are attained, costs are not likely to come down significantly.”

Written by PRWeb. To read the full article, click here.


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