Solar power is part of the energy solution

As a homeowner with solar panels who has used zero kilowatts off the grid during the last two months, I found the June 10 news article “When the sun doesn’t shine, who pays?” very interesting. If I understand correctly, the power industry says I should pay an additional fee because I need the industry less than others do.

Such logic raises questions as to how far the industry might go. If I make energy-efficiency decisions that my neighbor does not make, I pay less. If I choose to sit in the dark at night, I pay less. So should my utility then be allowed to charge me additional fees for those decisions, too?

Perhaps, instead, the industry should invest in renewable energy and smart-grid technologies, reward energy efficiencies and promote rate decoupling. That would provide a long-term equitable solution for all their customers.

Written by Robert Keller. To read the full article, click here


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