Thoughts About Utility-Scale Solar Energy

This paper discusses issues with regard to solar energy installations in Georgia and the controversy of the Georgia Public Service Commission mandating a 500 Megawatt utility-size solar plant be built. These issues apply to all states in their considerations of renewable energy portfolios.

The Georgia Public Service Commission is scheduled to vote on allowing utility-scale solar plants July 11, 2013. The Commissioners state they don’t want any subsidies for the plants or upward pressure on utility rates. I can not vision any way utility-sized solar systems would not require subsidies or increased utility rates.

I am a landlord whose business allows me to take advantage of tax deductions and possible tax credits not available to the average homeowner. I considered installing solar panels on the roof of my property back in 2008 or 2009. The benefits are described by the following:

Written by The Heartland Institute. To read the full article, click here


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